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New: Results of Palex's Translation QA Tool Survey Available for Download

Tamara Lukyanova and Julia Makoushina, of Palex Languages & Software, have concluded their work on the interesting survey of translation QA tools we announced here in August.

From August through September 2007 Palex performed a translation community survey to evaluate acceptance of translation quality assurance tools by the translation community, to define where such tools currently are, their advantages and disadvantages and to visualize their future capabilities and their role in the translation process. In parallel with the survey, Palex tested and benchmarked translation quality assurance tools currently available in the market.

Julia has recently given a presentation ("Translation Quality Assurance Tools: Current State and Future Approaches") at the 29th Translating and the Computer conference that took place on 29-30 November 2007 in London. In addition to the presentation (which can be downloaded from the previous link), Julia has also written a paper with the same title. Both paper and presentation are very interesting and well worth downloading (you can do so from the previous links) and reading.

Older news (2007)

We have just added a new page to this site: Translation Quality Links, where we provide a short list of links to external web pages with interesting material on translation quality.


Our new article "Developing and using a translation quality index" has been published in the July/August 2006 issue of MultiLingual.

The article is not freely available online (though you can get to an excerpt following the "current issue" link on MultiLingual's home page), however, if you are interested in reading it, please contact us

The article deals with such questions as:

  • Why measure translation quality?
  • Why are translations so difficult to evaluate? What methods are available to help assess translation quality?
  • What is the Translation Quality Index (TQI)?
  • Why measure errors?

You can also find our previous presentations on our Downloads page.

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